Sigma Thermal in Canada

Sigma Thermal designs, engineers, supplies, and services process heating systems for industry.

Our products include thermal oil and thermal fluid heating systems, indirect process bath heaters, electric process heaters, biomass fired energy systems, direct fired process heaters, system automation, parts, retrofits/upgrades, and supporting services. Sigma Thermal is founded on the belief that exceptional engineering, practical field expertise, and customer service are the keys to successful system design and project execution.

Sigma Thermal has a large Canadian installation base and particular expertise in the challenges of heating system installations in arctic environments. In addition, Sigma Thermal has extensive knowledge of relevant Canadian codes and regulations including CSA B149.3, CSA B149.1, CEC, CWB, and the various provincial code vessel regulatory authorities (i.e. ABSA, BCBB, TSSA, etc.)

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We are proud to partner with Inproheat Industries

for projects in Sasketchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitob, Yukon, and Northwest Territories. For all other provinces please contact Sigma Thermal directly at sales@sigmathermal.com or at 770-427-5770 option 4.

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